Project Description

OESTESUSTENTÁVEL – Regional Energy and Environmental Agency

The Portuguese West Region Energy and Environment Agency – “OesteSustentável” is an association of private non-profit law, which has as its mission the promotion of integrated actions that contribute to energy efficiency performance, for a rational use of energy, as well as the harnessing and promoting the use of renewable resources in order to contribute to the sustainability of the Portuguese West region in a local area, as well as to sustainable development in a global context. It emerges from an application for the Intelligent Energy Europe programme in 2010, through the Portuguese West Intermunicipal Community – “OesteCIM”. In the context of its strategy focuses essentially on five priority axes, namely: 1) Strategic Planning and Sustainability; 2) Energy efficiency, Renewable Resources and Environment; 3) Transport: Sustainable Mobility; 4) Creative Education for Sustainability; and 5) Actions of communication, training, applications and transversal projects.

At this time, “OesteSustentável” represents 25 Associates, including 12 municipalities, eight Associations and five Companies. To manage and operationalize its strategy along a territory with more than 360,000 inhabitants located in NUT III, “Centro” Region, sub-regional West of Portugal (PT16B), has a team of four employees and a strong network of partners, among them Municipalities, business associations, humanitarian associations, private social solidarity institutions – “IPSS” and educational establishments. In recent years the participation and involvement of the European and National projects represented

more than 28 million euros of investment, with savings estimated in the order of 4.5 million

euros/year, avoiding more than 10000 tons of CO2.

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