Project Description


ISQe is a SME private company specialized in developing interactive media resources and in providing solutions Software as a Service (SaaS).

Having values like creativity, innovation and flexibility, combined with strong internal competencies in technology, at technical and pedagogical level. The services provided by ISQe are characterized by the quality of the solutions presented and the creation of new products tailored to the needs and context of our clients.Our clients are major national companies in banking, insurance, distribution, energy and telecommunications and in the last years we invested in the internationalization of the company having clients in several countries like France, Spain, Poland, Greece, Romania, Angola and Mozambique.

Our areas of expertise are:

        a) Software Development

Development of Internet and Mobile Based Software to our client’s needs.

Development of IOS, Android and Windows Phone native Applications

        b) Interactive Media Contents

Developing of Interative media contents for e-Learning and Marketing

        c) Talent Management Platforms

Providing SaaS systems (Software as a Service). Management services, implementation, outsourcing and support.

ISQe is accredited for training services by DGERT.

ISQe conducts Research and Development activities (R&D), participating in projects with national and international partners, aiming at continuous product and process innovation.

Another important point in our participation in this project is the qualification of our resources. The ISQe, since its inception, has always had a Multidisciplinary Team, with advanced knowledge in Pedagogical, Technical and Technological Development Area, and this diversity of skills are very explicit on the positive results of our services and projects with our clients.

At this moment, ISQe is in an expansion phase.

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