react workshop

Photo: React Workshop

A successful three-days REACT EU transfer workshop was organized by the Project partners from Portugal, Greece, and Croatia. More than fifteen participants from project partners’ countries gathered on the Zoom platform to check out the project results developed so far, and they also got the opportunity to test the WebQuests developed by the consortium, which represent a truly innovative qualification assessment tool.

On the first day, (the 3rd of May) participants had a chance to see all the REACT intellectual outputs including curriculum and digital training materials, summative assessment framework and RPL scheme. Participants from the same countries were teamed up to jointly solve the chosen WebQuest and to present the results on day three.

A short session was held on the second day (the 5th of May) to help participants overcome any obstacles they encountered in the process of solving the WebQuest.

Last day was the most interactive one because participants got the opportunity to comment REACT tools and digital materials developed within the project as well as to present results of the chosen WebQuest. Their feedback is considered as a valuable source of information for improvement of the developed materials. All of them find WebQuest methodology as an enjoyable way of learning through real-life situations.